August 07, 2010

Teach your baby to float on their back

Most babies under 6 months will be happy to float. With your support and encouragement they will feel comfortable and relaxed in the water environment.

Your baby will feel secure gently floating in your hand which will help to strengthen the bond between you. Floating also helps to develop their ability to swim unaided and is also a valuable survival skill if a baby should accidentally fall into water.

Baby’s first floating experience can be practiced at home in the bath tub and if held lightly they will feel their own buoyancy.

Bath practice
Fill the bath with enough warm water to cover at least half your baby’s body. Have someone to help you get in and out of the bath, a non-slip mat will help you feel more secure and sit away from the hot tap.

Sit in the bath and gently lower baby into the water, rest baby’s back against your chest with baby’s legs in the water. Take a few minutes to relax and enjoy skin to skin contact as you gently trickle water on baby’s tummy.

Support babies head and neck with your hands, stretch out your arms and allow the water to just cover baby’s ears. Sing a relaxing song and maintain eye contact as baby relaxes and enjoys the experience of floating in the water.

Move baby around in the water and gradually reduce the support of your hands, when you feel ready support baby’s head with one hand only.

If your baby does not like the experience of floating cuddle your baby and try again at the next bath time.

Bath Safety
- Never ever leave your most precious possession alone in the bath
- Never for a second and never with an older brother or sister

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