August 07, 2010

Life-saving techniques to keep your child safe around water

Swimming is not only a wonderful way to have FUN and stay healthy but it is also a valuable life saving skill. Teaching your child to swim is the best gift you can give; it is a gift for life.

Teaching babies and children vital life saving swimming skills and safe behaviour routines around water can be a life saver. However no child is 'water safe' or 'drown proof' even with swimming skills. Constant supervision by parents and carers is required, never take your eyes of your child and always be within arms reach.

Learn vital water safety skills to prevent an accident around water and CPR techniques to cope with an emergency should one arise.

To enable children to enjoy all the numerous benefits of swimming keep them safe by providing 3 layers of protection.

1. Prevention
Provide constant supervision & learn water safety skills.

2. Learn to swim
Teach your child life saving skills swimming skills.

3. Learn CPR
Know what to do if an emergency situation should happen.

Knowing what to do can buy valuable seconds and could make the difference between life and death.

Drowning is known as the silent death, it only takes seconds and is totally preventable. In the UK drowning is the third most common cause of accidental death among youngsters under the age of 16. At least 60 children lose their lives ever year leaving families totally devastated.

Around 75 UK citizens drown abroad each year and many of these deaths could be prevented if more people were equipped with basic CPR and water safety skills. Of the deaths recorded there are as many ‘near deaths’ leaving children completely unable to lead a normal life.

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