August 23, 2010

It`s never too late to start baby swimming lessons

Many swimming schools require babies to be under 12 months to start their programme which can leave many parent's feeling they have left it too late to start swimming lessons.

Seriously Fun Swim Babies for babies aged 4 months to 3 years
Babies can start lessons even if they are over 12 months as Swim Babies 1-2-3 is a unique 3 stage programme that takes babies right from their first lesson through to independent swimming as 3 year old toddlers.

Babies over 12 months begin to loose their natural affinity to water, so a different approach to start learning at this age is required as each baby will need to work at their own pace with confidence practices being the main theme in the early stages.

Introducing your toddler to the swimming pool
If your child has never been to a swimming pool before he will need to adjust to this new environment and other adults and babies.

This is a crucial beginning to your child's swimming journey so go gently and slowly, how well your child adapts will depend upon your babies age, experience and personality.

Swimming progression does not always start in the pool, after all we have to actually get them into the water before we can teach them to swim!

Getting in the swimming pool
Some toddlers will be very keen to get into the water. If your child is not confident and clings on to you, sit down on the side away from the pool to give child time to adjust.

When your child is ready and shows signs of interest in what is going on, slowly walk to the edge of the pool and sit down on the side together with your feet in the water. Watch the teacher and other children having fun, kick your feet together, a watering can is a magical teaching aid at this stage.

When your child is ready to get into the water maintain eye contact and a big smile, if your child is not confident and clings onto you, allow this until he is ready to move on.

Other children, songs and games can be a great distraction. If your child is not happy at any time, go to a quieter side of the pool until he feels ready to return to the group, never feel embarrassed if your child is not co-operating at any point, there is always one child in the group having a bad day! 

Safe behaviour routines
At this age it is very important to introduce safe behaviour routines in, on and around the water. If your child does not want to play with a ball or sing a song it is not important, however it is important that you insist on safe behaviour routines as this crucial to your child's safety.

Toddler lessons are great FUN, they may take a little longer in the early stages of learning to swim but they soon catch up and with practice they will be very confident at performing numerous swimming skills.

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